UDY NET is an Internet Service Provider

A division registered in 2013 born from its mother company Udy Tec, a Technical support and Maintenance company in business since 2005.

Our aim is to build network infrastructure in all under serviced areas to bridge the digital divide. The internet has become a basic human need Udy Net currently provide services to over 550 home based subscribers in the rural areas where the bigger companies do not see fit to invest in infrastructure for internet services.

We achieve this by deploying high mast towers with state of the art radio antennas to transmit radio waves that can carry data to and from subscribers. We also provide Public Hotspots like malls, schools and other congested places within a community. Udy Net was the first company in Bloemfontein to implement a working business model on Residential Uncapped Wi-Fi and made it the prime focus to improve the model for the last 9 years.


  • Office network design

  • Design and Implement Public Hotspot whether it is outdoor, malls, schools or any

    public congested area.

  • Design and setup of WISP Networks

  • Design and Implementation of Municipal Networks

  • Develop new system to fit customer’s special need